Do you want to feel better? Move easier?

Suffering from low-back pain?

Stiff neck and shoulders?


Had a ‘slip-and-fall’, or auto-accident?

Post-Op ROM Restrictions?

Let me help you to feel better and realize the benefits of Muscle Therapy, Stretching, and Posture Alignment

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My Massage Therapy Includes A Typical Physical Therapist’s Manual Therapy Regimen, Therapeutic Massage, And Deep Muscle Therapy With Trigger-Point Work To Release Adhesions And Free Tight Muscles
I Offer Stretching To Get You Moving And Improve Your Flexibility- Assisted Stretching (Partner Stretching), Pilates Ladder Barrel Stretching, Rumble Roller foam roller release, etc.
Posture Alignment Exercises (Egoscue -Based) Are Specifically To Help You Stand-Straighter, And Correct That ‘Hunch-Back’

Weekend Warriors- Bikers, Runners, Skiers, Climbers- You Do It And Jason Helps You Do It

For the club, team, or individual competitor, Jason is here for your outings, your special events and your amateur competitions- both before and after you play. Go ahead, give it your all, but see Colorado Muscle Therapy before you head out, for stretching and pre-event massage, then again, after you ice-up, in order to do it again next weekend…

Corporate And Organizational Wellness Services For The Worker & Workforce

Office ergonomics aren’t the greatest, stiff-necks and sore-backs are everywhere, Colorado Muscle Therapy can help. Raise morale, improve attendance and productivity, and decrease worker’s compensation claims for repetitive stress injuries with massage and stretching. CMT provides on-site massage/muscle therapy, assisted stretching, exercise routines, and muscle therapy products for you and your organization.

Pros Don't Make It On Their Own- They Need Stretching And Muscle Therapy, And Jason Is There

Being professional is just that, being one of the best- the well-trained, and giving a superior performance. All difficult to attain, let alone, maintain. Jason and CMT provide ‘Working’ Athletes with both pre-event and post-event Sports Massage, Assisted Stretching for injury prevention, and medical and rehabilitation therapies. .

Pain Relief For Aging And Daily Living

Your senior years… they’re here before you know it, and along with the gray hairs and glasses come some of the best times of your life. With Colorado Muscle Therapy providing therapeutic massage and stretching at your home, retirement community, care facility, or assisted-living home, you will enjoy these moments more- with less pain, and increased comfort.

9 To 5, Or 6 Or 7...

Someone has ‘to do it’, or in your case go to work and make the things, the parts, the planes, trains, and automobiles run that we use. Yes, it’s mostly a thankless job, but you’re the back-bone of America, you make and do the stuff we need, use, and eat. Now how about you? Tired, aching muscles, cramped wrists and arms, knots in your shoulders? Productivity suffers when you suffer, so let Jason and Colorado Muscle Therapy help with employee stretching and massage therapy services.

Helping You Help Others- All Day (Or Night), Day After Day, After Day

You’re good at what you do- you do it for long hours and days in a row- so how are you feeling? As caregivers you can’t give quality care all day, everyday- without some assistance and support for yourselves. Jason helps with not only your personal pain management issues, but also provides you and your organization with complete massage and stretching programs and routines, and therapeutic products.

Between The Complex World Of Physical Therapy And A Simple 'Massage'- There Is Jason Drake's Unique Combination Of Sports & Medical-Rehabilitation Massage, Assisted Stretching, And Posture Alignment Treatments

Yes- I Try And Provide A Truly Authentic Combination Of Therapeutic Massage Techniques To Help You Eventually Move With More Flexibility And Feel Better. I Break-Up Adhesions With Deep Muscle Therapy And Trigger Point Release, I Help You To Re-Align The Musculature With Fascial Stretching (Active Isolated, PNF, Pilates Ladder Barrel And The Rumbleroller), I Try And Help You Stand Straighter With Posture Exercises, And Even Add Reiki Energy- To Get Things 'Flowing'...

"Helping you do what you do"

Now That The Warm Weather Is Here Again- Come On Out... And see me to get rid of those troublesome pains, increase your mobility and ultimately feel better

My studio is in SE Denver at 2186 S Holly Street (at Evans Ave.), and now includes a separate movement/stretching area from the treatment /massage room. There is free parking in the lot, and the building is usually open when I am there
About Jason's Muscle Therapy

MUSCLE THERAPY (MASSAGE), FASCIAL STRETCHING, POSTURE ALIGNMENT, AND MORE… Denver Office, Mobile & On-Site Services CMT was opened in 2010, in Avon/Vail Colorado, and is owned and operated by Jason Drake, L.M.T., Massage/Muscle Therapist, Posture Alignment Therapist, Stretching Coach, Orthopedic Bracing Specialist, and Reiki Practitioner- here in Denver, CO.
Here to help you do what you do- these truly are “Real” Pain Relief Therapies (Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Release, Myofascial Release, Fascial Stretching, Reiki, etc.),  all coupled with Assisted Stretching and Posture Therapy Based on Pete Egoscue’s Method.
With very specialized experience in Athletic Training and Orthopedic Bracing and Supports, I  provide personalized, highly-customized therapeutic services: specializing in fascial stretching, posture alignment, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and repetitive stress condition treatments- I am here to help you do what you do. Colorado Muscle Therapy addresses your pain and mobility issues, including range of motion, flexibility, and fascial restrictions. Offering more than simple massage therapy in Denver, I do Sports Massage with professional athletes and weekend warriors, office workers and mom and pops… fascial stretching, active isolated stretching, ‘true’ deep tissue massage, Myofascial Release, all with Reiki and energy work from the Denver studio.
Massage therapy it is- but advanced massage therapy, sports massage, medical massage, rehabilitation Massage and stretching – all combined to help you be more flexible (athlete flexibility, skier flexibility, cyclist flexibility, equestrian flexibility, martial arts mobility, and crossfit mobility are all specialties). The advanced posture alignment based on Pete Egoscue’s Method provides Pain Free results to clients with chronic pain issues.
I offer affordable massage therapy in Denver using a sliding scale if necessary. HSA and FSA accounts are accepted for massage in Denver.

What Can Jason Do For My Club Or Organization?

STRETCHING, STRENGTHENING, & MOVEMENT THERAPIES -Programs, Classes And Routines In addition to providing Massage and Stretching Therapies for your team or organization, I am able to provide affordable corporate/organizational wellness programs, health maintenance routines, and therapy classes as well. Helping you to move easier, increase mobility and flexibility, enhance your performance, and just feel-better overall- so you win more, increase employee retention, reduce absenteeism, and promote moral.

Muscle Therapy Session/Massage

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Deep Muscle Therapy
  • Fascial Stretching… Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), Proprioceptive Neuro-Muscular Facilitation (PNF), Pilates Ladder Barrel, RumbleRoller)
  • Myofascial Release
  • Posture Alignment Therapy Exercises Based On Egoscue
  • Reiki
  • Local On-Site, Hotel & House-Calls Add 50% Plus Parking
  • Please Call For Corporate, Group & Event Pricing
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Three (3) Pack Muscle Therapy/Massage Special

    • Pre-Pay Three (3) Sessions Online Or In Person For $225
    • Muscle Therapy Sessions Are ONLY $75 Each
  • Local On-Site, Hotel & House-Calls Add 50% Plus Parking
  • Call For Corporate, Group & Event Pricing
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Six (6) Pack Of Individual Therapy Sessions

    • Pre-Pay Six (6) Sessions Online Or In Person For $390
    • Muscle Therapy Sessions Are ONLY $65 Each
  • Local On-Site, Hotel & House-Calls Add 50% Plus Parking
  • Call For Corporate, Group & Event Pricing
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Colorado Muscle Therapy addresses your pain and flexibility issues, including range of motion, mobility, and fascial restrictions.

Offering more than simple massage therapy in Denver, I do active isolated stretching, ‘true’ deep tissue massage in Denver, myofascial release in Denver, all with Reiki and energy work.

Massage therapy it is- but advanced massage therapy, medical massage, rehabilitation massage and stretching – combined to help you be more flexible. Posture alignment based on The Egoscue Method provides Pain Free results to chronic pain issues.

I offer affordable massage therapy in Denver using a sliding scale for those truly in need, if necessary. HSA and FSA accounts are accepted for my massage services.

We Stretch… with each other, on your own, and ‘over the Pilates Ladder-Barrel’

We Roll… on foam rollers, RumbleRollers (my favorite), balls, and Beastie Balls

We Do… ‘Real’ Manual, Hands-on Therapy… Authentic Therapeutic Massage, Myo-Fascial Stretching and Release, and the not-always-pleasurable, Trigger Point Work & Deep Muscle Therapy

You help… with hydration & ice, soaking, supplements, proper nutrition- and of course fitness, with cardio and strengthening.

All this personally developed for you- to help you do what you do…

The combination of stretching and manual manipulation, along with proper diet and exercise, will help ease chronic pain and let you do what you do… Deep Muscle Therapy is used for not only professional athletes but everyday workers- a technique that typically is reserved for injuries and those with severely damaged muscles, Assisted Stretching with the Pilates Ladder Barrel and the RumbleRoller and Myo-Fascial Stretching and Release (working with the fascia) are added. Posture Alignment Exercises based on Pete Egoscue’s Method, is featured as a more permanent solution to chronic muscular pain.

The Word On The Street Is...

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients tell you about me-

Jason is by far one of the most talented massage therapists I have ever met! I would recommend him for ANYONE and EVERYONE! The deepest most aggressive massage I have ever experienced, but he is also capable of gentle soothing technique depending on what is needed. If you have muscles, you need massage (and yoga), and if you need massage, you need Jason! I wish there were ten stars instead of five!!

Dan D.

Massage Therapist/Acupuncturist

Jason does not do the “fluff and buff.” If u r like me and need deep tissue work for the time and money to be worth it, this is the best place I have ever been and I highly recommend it.

Phil D.


‘You’re crazy’- and I mean that in a good way…

I needed someone to really bust-open my back- this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks

Scott G.